Monday, January 4, 2016

Windy Coast

Remember when you were a kid, swimming, despite the cold wind and chilly water, in the ocean for what seems like hours, until your lips went blue and you crawled up the shore shivering and exhausted and happy. Remember the bliss of a hot shower and a good book afterwards? Maybe you have done that very thing recently, as a Grown Up. Then I say you are braver than me, for these days my ear drums alone cannot brave those waves for more than 10 minutes at a time. I could however, were I back in the Indian Ocean, (oh warm blue place of my youth) regain that enthusiasm. Nowadays I rely upon Tim Winton to take me there, rough fishing holidays, hot tin shacks, scrubby bush, crusty characters and all.

We took Grandma to destination number three (6 children in three states)upon an unusually windy coast; ate and talked and laughed and rolled home before the sun went down. 

I hope your first few days of this new year have been delightful and that you feel enthusiastic if not excited about what lies ahead!

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