Thursday, January 7, 2016

As you can see I'm trying to squeeze in a bit more blogging. I don't have a Facebook profile, nor Instagram, nor Twitter and there are times when I wonder why I blog.  But I get so much inspiration from other blogs that I figure if I just keep it up, someone somewhere will find something good
here and if nothing else my own creativity may blossom!

We had a beautiful week with the kids. Lots of swimming for them. There was much floating on the river on Wednesday, a favourite summer activity. 

Yesterday Beau and I went to visit our dear friends in the bush, with whom we lived 6 years ago. T and I used to walk a lot, sometimes a long way, down the gravel lanes, past horses, sheep, kangaroos, echidnas, willy wag tails. Last night we walked with the boys and then played records and had a Michael Jackson dance off. When I woke up this morning, Abuelo brought a mysterious bundle into the kitchen - M had sneakily stashed his old turn table in the back of my car before I left! I can't wait to get speakers and amp and put the needle on the record. 

Today is my first day to myself for a couple of weeks. The kids have gone to their other parents. Abuelo has gone fishing. The family visits have come to an end. 

There are lots of things I could do - clean, wash our clothes, weed the vege patch, bake....but really I want to write and ponder or maybe alter this.....

or draw something with these.......

or start reading this....

or even curl and and nap, which I hardly ever do. Maybe before the sun goes down I'll have done a little of each.

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