Friday, January 1, 2016

January 1st

I love that Melbourne is like a country town this time of year; so quiet out on the streets, so peaceful. I saw fireworks outside our bedroom window last night (not so peaceful but splendid). Our New Year's Eve was traditionally low key and as was likely the case for all of Melbourne, we were weary at the end of a very, very warm 39 degree Celsius day, which was spent in the city keeping Visiting Grandma as cool as possible.

Today, blissfully cool and lazy, we had our family Christmas gift giving. Every second year our Christmas is a bit all over the place but in some ways pleasantly spread out. Such is the way it rolls in some blended families with the children heading off to their other families, and returning sleepy and happy, all loved up and ready for more. 

 Here is my beautiful handmade glasses case from Abuelo. It's the perfect size and feels lovely. 

Here are the four of us this New Year's Day; what a lovely bunch (shame about the plastic bag on the line overhead...)- me sacrificing a potential glamour shot for the sake of a guinea pig on my head. Truffles is his name and Caramello down there in Bella's hands is his hot date for the month in hope that they may make sweet babies. 

May it be a sensational year for you all!

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