Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy New Year Hiatus

Perhaps the most inconsistent blogger there is anyway, I diverted my attentions to Instagram for a spell to test it's more immediate access. I found, as I did with Facebook, that the novelty has worn off, lovely as it is to follow the gorgeous images posted by friends. 

At the start of a new year which heralds 10 years since this blog began under a different name, I am hoping I may be able to give it new life, exercise my writing skills, experiment with photography albeit from a phone, and inspire my art practice. Most of all I want to document our purchase and cultivation of land - an opportunity for M and I to be jointly creative, to make a beautiful place for our family, to dig in, grow food and inevitably grow old. 

 We have been on many reconnaissance missions to look at land and houses, returning 4 times to one particular plot that we love each time we are there. 10 acres of slightly undulating land, with no power or water; nothing but the promise of a completely clean start. 

The papers are at Council being validated, we have kindly been approved the small sum of money needed to own the land, and now we are wait for the next step. There is no rush. We are happy here in our 'Shit' House, affectionately named by our elderly Greek neighbour in whose opinion only a dwelling fashioned from brick, is worth any sort of consideration. A tenant does not always have a choice and we love our ramshackle rental despite its lack of thermal mass. It is the closest thing to a country house we could find in the suburbs, with a huge yard and 7 years of our love and presence have made it home. 

This is the longest either of us have lived anywhere since leaving our respective family homes 30- 35 years ago. Were we not a blended family needing to stay put for our children's' sake (other parents' homes to go to every other week), who knows where we would be. Probably not this suburb, this city, perhaps not even this country. But one piece of wisdom we have managed to gain over the last (often complicated but very good 9 years)is that sometimes, the most unexpected things bring the most peace and happiness. Sometimes life propels you to a destination or a decision and therein lies the most surprising source of joy. I.e a Shit House in a place far from one's Motherland, from which good things have been achieved and wonderful friendships have been made, and two perspicacious and resilient children are flourishing . 

Whenever I find a blog by tenacious tree-changers, and valiant homesteaders, I am very excited and inspired. If anything I put down here can have that affect on anyone else then that is happy reason enough to crack on. If no one out there is following then it remains my happy place to potter and collect and curate as I wish!