Monday, February 10, 2014

Captain Ghostbeard turns nine

Happy Birthday beautiful boy!

How to feed a large family.

Send the men of the village out to choose a lamb.

Choose the most experienced man in the village to dispatch and skin the lamb. 

Enlist the most skillful of men to make fire and prepare the beast.
Assign the bravest to carve and fend of predators.

Entrust the womenfolk to add a touch of glamour...

Eat, drink and be happy all together.

the summer holiday that flew

Plentiful Lego, ice cream, wine and cake for Christmas..

The hot highway to SA.
Picking fruit all over.

Giving the Christmas gifts a try...

Some beach time.

Oranges and lemons for the garden.

The Green before the Brown.

Summer veg.

Summer fruit.
Summer flowers.
Preparing for the family. 5 Star accomodation.
Traditional day by the river. Turning a bag into a yabbie net.Genius.

Yabbie traps.