Wednesday, April 10, 2013

an adventure

So on Sunday my wee laddie said to me "Mama can we go on an adventure somewhere, just get on our bikes and see where we end up?" And I said "you bet my little man" and we ended up at the beach! I love that kind of day with freedom to follow our noses, with a packed lunch and no plan. We locked up our bikes and took the tram all the way across town to the sea side. Such perfect weather.
The sky went from this........
To this. With a sprinkle of rain. We had neither towels nor bathers which didn't stop Beau from flinging himself with pure joy in the sand and waves.
We saw jellies, fish, crabs, and star fish, the latter being, as Big Honey tells me, a pest to the ocean, but still I was excited.

 And I've started on the vest - Griffin by Tiki. I've had to start again and again but I'm in the swing now! Knitting is a great break for my head from learning songs - which is absolutely wonderful but intense. I have a South Indian singing teacher this year - a wonderful, patient woman with a magnificent voice, She is teaching me beautiful ragas and their songs. I'm also singing in Portuguese and Spanish, and making Mountain Music with two ladies - I'm so happy to be doing it all.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Never again will I buy Hot Cross Buns- not whilst they are so easy to make! Recipe here at Swallowtailandspoon.

 My wool arrived!! Today I bought circular needles, markers, row counters and other mysterious items to add to my basket. Now I shall attempt to decipher the language of knitting, cast on and call ObiKnitWanPurlWan now and then because she is generous and wise. The wooly force is strong in that one.