Wednesday, May 21, 2014


For some reason I haven't been able to upload photos for a couple of weeks. I suspect my dinosaur of a computer is to blame. Oh well. Here are some photos of May bits and pieces. What a lovely May you have been. All that unexpected warmth and sun. So busy I have been that to just catch your rays on bicycle trips from A to B has been a daily treat. I have lots of teaching work! Music, music, music; singing, piano, guitar, ukulele. Lots of fun. Lots of planning. Good for me. Very Grown Up.

I have been knitting a good deal, late at night, with a cup of tea, when I'm not reading (right now - The Twelve, by Justin Cronin, sequel to The Passage; apocalyptic, virus mutates humans into Zombie-Vampires , Brave New World Order stuff - not my usual choice but so compelling, my word!. Knitting socks for Abuelo - my first attempt, fun and frustrating.And a beret for me that turned out too small but fits Bella perfectly. So just an excuse to knit another, in gorgeous smooshy Malabrigo Worsted. 

We went for a long Sunday drive. To get out of the city. To see some trees, something green all over, space, horizon, baby lambs, eagles. Abuelo drove us all the way out to the Strathbogie Ranges. I'd never been out there before. It's so beautiful. I felt completely smoothed out by it, even if initially slightly overcome. The hills and valleys laid out in the sun, winding white gravel roads, everything soft and peaceful, bucolic. I stood on a hill over-looking glorious farmland and day-dreamed us running down to such a river with the kids, with buckets and wild herbs...One day I hope we can live that big little dream. The kids won't be kids by then. But they might still frolic a bit for the sake of it, with their own kids perhaps!

Despite it becoming very wild during our busy May, the garden is offering produce; our first lemons and oranges, garlic, nettles (which in the past we have removed but I now plan to harvest because they make you live forever don't you know!), broccoli, leeks, lettuce and the gift that keeps on giving - Cavelo Nero, which we eat by the kilo daily. I would like there to be more time for digging and weeding and planting. It will come. Winter will arrive. June will slip on over in her dark dress with her icey fingers, and send us inside for days of drawing and knitting and board games but she will let us out now and then to dig around, make a fire...

What are you knitting, planting, adventuring out to?