Monday, August 31, 2015

 The photo above reminds me of one my recent dreams. Not because of the fire. But the light. I crossed a ledge over a river. The ledge was covered in bits and pieces - of furniture, clothing, books, ornaments...I had to step carefully to cross without falling. I wasn't nervous because the light was so beautiful. Night with warm glow like this. And my husband below, appearing out of the baths, waving up to me. When I joined him below I told him of my crossing and he said "I had the same dream."

Because of this lovely fire we stayed outside all day on Sunday, over lunch and dinner. It's enough - a warmer day, warm flames, simple food and some visitors - to keep us going to the end of this winter.  

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August so far

Big beautiful, things happening in the garden at work (I'm a volunteer one day a week but Abuelo runs this project).
Magnolias give a burst of colour in the winter morning sun, which gave itself moemntarily to theatrics on the North facing wall.
When it is too cold to venture out, we gather to knit and drink chai and watch JT perform the admirable and all together too rare task of hand writing tour invitations. 
 Our loungeroom may be the darkest room in the house but it is the cosiest since I moved my desk and bits and pieces to the newly painted studio. When there is sufficient sunlight I will take a photo. It's a lovely space.
My wee laddie and I have a weekly hot chocolate at our favourite cafe, and inspect op shop finds.