Monday, February 2, 2015

Two - preparation

Monday is my home day, doing business admin, lesson preparation, and doing things around the house to make the week go more smoothly. It's  blissful to have so much prepared before my working week starts, and before everyone arrives home. Last year it was rare to have dinner ready and time to sit and catch up on the day, play and relax. 

I made Kale pesto - my favourite, and tomato sauce from the garden. Stuff got done. Even a bit of knitting. 

The kids came home from day one at school, so happy, and spent time trawling through their historical artifacts - cards, photos, school reports, sweet - such brief histories thus far!

 Martino and I had debrief time. I even washed the smelly pooch! 

It was a good simple day. I'm very fond of them. I know these posts aren't scintillating but I hope something comes from them, even if it is just consistency!

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