Tuesday, February 10, 2015

10, 11....colours

I've just spent hours gaping at delicious colourways, marveling at the combination of colours and at the fantastic names given them. I then got side-tracked making dinner and wandering around the house opening windows. The evening light is falling just so and I started photographing the light and the colours and realised there is a feast of yarn colourways all around all the time. And then as I was saving the photos, the labels I gave them sounded like perfect colourway names.....

Quinoa Salad

Big Red

 Favourite Old Handbag

 Leaf Fall



Palm Tree Sunset

Window Seat

Honey Table Top (our new camping table/ chairs - from the 50's....love it!)
Are you diggin' it?
There we go. I hope that makes up for my inconsistent posting.
I hope you are somewhere cool and colourful right now.x

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