Sunday, February 1, 2015

One - home

I thought I would take Kate's lead and try the post- a -day in February. I'm trying to find my way with this blog, more of a focus, more of a voice...I'm hoping it might come with a bit more effort.

Today was a slow Sunday at home , except for an hour walking around the park. We are all tired after Beau's 10th birthday - a few boys running wild in the garden at night! This means my blog is about 8 years old now!? 10. It brings so much more awareness, responsibility, independence, and appetite. What a beautiful 10 year old boy he is. This is the first time since his birth that we haven't celebrated it somewhere in the water because of the heat.

This slow day went fast. I plowed through rows of my Maeve shrug while the kids watched a movie and Martino made pizza with sauce from our own tomatoes. Books were read, Lego was built, and a tent was purchased.

I reckon I'm getting off lightly with only 29 days worth of consecutive posting. See you tomorrow! 

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