Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve

Our apricots and plums are ready for picking and I'm trying two different plum jam recipes - Stephanie Alexander's, which involves leaving the cut plums and sugar covering a muslin bag with the stone kernels buried beneath, over night. The other I found on the internet which, like my stock standard Stephanie apricot jam recipe involves warming the sugar. Last year I tried making jam with 2/3 of the sugar recommended and it was OK. Jen and I decided today that really you just gotta have sugar for successful jam. It's a treat. What the heck!

With a rapidly inflating and reddening foot I made a zucchini feast, given they are now prolific. Zucchini flowers stuffed and fried with Meredith's Got Cheese (yep, every bit as magnificent as they sound)and zucchini pie - all fluffy and covered in home made tomato sauce (not our tomatoes yet, but our eggs, garlic, herbs...)There are now 30 kilos of honey on the kitchen table and it's time for a glass of wine and a quiet slipping into the new year. I feel full of family love and good food and I'm looking forward to this coming year without study and more time to paint and sing and romp with our rapidly growing 'babes'! May your New Year begin with those you love, in safety and happiness and abundance. May your jam set and your Zucchinis flower and your hearts be full!   

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