Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas and beyond

 We ate well on Christmas day - Greek style, not too much, but heartily, with wonderful wine thanks to my brother. It is so lovely to have so much family together. Both our families are interstate and we manage to see each other at least once a year. I wish we were all closer - that we could pop in for visits whenever the urge took us, time going so fast and all. The boys went to the Cricket yesterday for some male bonding and we ladies went to the city and bought underwear - as you do!

I am on a mission these holidays , to make new cushion covers, clean out the cupboards, re shuffle a few things. I would really really like to get rid of the television and turn the lounge room into a quiet, music and book-filled room where we can all sit and do our respective things. We have lived long periods of time with no television and can attest to the serenity and mental and creative space that is suddenly opened up. I heard a quote once; 'television is poly-filler for the third eye' - which I find hilarious and true. Our weeks have become so busy that it is too easy to plonk down on the couch and be spoon-fed entertainment. I tend to knit without paying much attention, but the sound of the TV pervades all.

 Been cooking with as much veg from the garden as harvestable. The tomatoes are on their way and I can't tell you how excited I am. Dreaming of them I am. On toast, in salad,  bitten into like apples with a pinch of salt....

The fruit trees are bent with plums and apricots so no doubt the next week will be spent making jam. We only just ran out of last year's stores.

 The garden has had a summer make-over in preparation for hot January and February days. Beds and cement have been covered with mulch so everything is soft under foot. Our backyard is feeling less and less suburban and more country, which is why we fell for it in the first place.

 Abuleo gave me beautiful pencils for Christmas. I've had the same set since I was 18 (nearly thirty years!!) and some of them are the size of match sticks! These are gorgeous! 

What did Santa bring you? What are your post Christmas days filled with? Love and peace and jam, I am hoping.

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