Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Eve

The house is suddenly and momentarily very quiet - a breath beofre the festivities - the first family Christmas since 1995 - too long and so we are all very happy to be gathering here at our house tomorrow.

We do not have families for whom Christmas is in any way stressful. We are a pretty relaxed bunch on both sides and very grateful for any time shared.

This year we have a lamb for the spit - a Greek feast in preparation. Visitors have come and gone today and the neighbourhood has now gone quiet. The house feels abundant and calm and full of love. 

I spent most of the last two weeks making gifts for the family - knitting most of them and painting a Maytroshka set - all of which have been incredibly enjoyable and satisfying projects given that I've been so busy this year that crafting has fallen a little short.

Our garden has had a very Grown Up face lift and I can't wait to sit out there with my lovely family and feast and tell bad jokes and play games. We might even have a slide night just to top it all off. 

 Who are you spending Christmas with and where? May it be happy, safe and spent in good company.


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