Wednesday, January 9, 2013


So I flew off my bike on Monday, on a bike ride with Big Honey into the city to see a movie. I went to cross the tram tracks a bit too fast and my tires got stuck and I smacked to the bitumen with my hips doing some very unnatural stretching. Fortunately the road was quiet, I could drag myself to the curb, I was wearing decent knickers and Big Honey is very sweet and calm in a crisis. No broken bones, but some awesome scabs to show off to the kids when they come home tomorrow, and just very, very sore. The ground feels much harder when you're 45 doesn't it. I don't think it felt that hard at 25.Anyway, it has forced me to be at home and be very still, and to let Big Honey take the domestic reigns and to find some quiet activity so I don't go bonkers. So I worked on the White Tara painting I started a couple of years ago. It is in honour of our little friend Taj; a gift for his lovely parents and wee brother. Tara (of whom the Tibetans revere 21 manifestations) is compassion, long life, purity and equanimity. 

Big Honey has been doing some painting too - beautiful blue bee hives that will sit, splendid in orchard and field and house happy bees.

I'm thinking a lot about all the people affected/ threatened by fires around the country and wishing for them relief, safety, love and support. 

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