Friday, January 4, 2013

hot date

On the hottest day of the year so far what do you do to get through it? Go into the city, watch the longest film you can find (The Hobbit, 3 and a half hours...) and eat the mother of all curry laksas....

 The bread is working! The dutch oven is the key - apart from the beer and vinegar. I'm so happy. We spend a small fortune on good bread and now it just requires a little dedication to mixing the dough of an evening. It's crusty and has has a great flavour.

The cat size zucchini came via our dear 82 year old Greek neighbour. We caught him sneaking in on New Year's morning plotting to put it under one of our zucchini plants as if it had miraculously appeared over night. We adore him and his stories and his generosity and his wealth of experience (truly self-sufficient farmer of the old tradition before immigrating and working factory jobs) and his sense of humour. We sit and talk for hours in our back garden. Big Honey has a great friendship with him; they go fishing, they fix things, they help each other with their bees. They have a healthy competition as to who has the biggest, tastiest and most abundant produce, hence the cucumber tally.

Our New Year started peacefully. No resolutions - but I should probably stop drinking all this brother gifted us with some of his fine nectar and we are indulging.

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