Sunday, July 26, 2015

June and July

 In the midst of an all time chilly winter, particular activities are a must;

  • a winter festival - the best yet, and a beautiful Bunjil eagle to lead the way, made by some very creative parents
  • walks in the forest to splash in mud and listen to birds and breath the clean mountain air
  • a row down the river, or a walk along its edges when the sun dares to shine
  • a window seat in a sunny cafe with laptop and a good friend, make business admin more attractive
  • knit and crochet anything one can think of - a tea cosy, to keep those endless cups of tea at approved mid-winter temperature.
  • and seek further to perfect the loaf for verily it is the  comfort of our winter table. Mara's mentoring has had the desired outcome! At last, after years of hit and miss bread baking and a fortune spent on organic sourdough...finally...I am making our own. I have managed to keep Neville (my lovingly named starter) not only alive but in tip top condition, and the whole process is now a wondrous adventure rather than an arduous chore with an uncertain outcome. The loaves I am making are a rye/unbleached white flour mix, with a more ciabatta texture (wetter dough). I will stick with this recipe for a while and then start experimenting with other flours and grains. 
How are you spending this chilly winter? Or are you in the midst of a warm summer where you are?

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