Saturday, October 25, 2014

this weekend

A garage sale or two yielded goodness in blues and yellow. A cup and saucer to add to the collection (below). I'm a big fan of mismatched crockery which is increasingly hard to find and expensive even in op shops these days. I'm dreaming about painting our house white all through the inside even though we are renting. I can see how beautiful it will be all fresh and white. I hope we can live here for at least another 7 years.
Abuelo had Bee Business in Bendigo on Friday and scored MAJOR brownie points for going into Bendigo Woollen Mills and buying three balls of gorgeous yarn for me. I've started knitting my Maeve shrug for next winter in Stellar Aquamarine. Abuelo shall be rewarded for his bravery and thoughtfulness with a knitted garment. Socks or a vest. It's so good to be knitting again! 

 We had the fathers from Bella's class come here yesterday and cut out shield bases so the kids can take them to the blacksmith on Tuesday and make the copper center pieces for them. They are learning about Norse mythology in Class 4. The men-folk got straight down to it and finished in time to sit back with a cold beer. We have such a lovely community of people around our children's classes. There have been many sewing bees, gatherings, and meetings and there will continue to be. Such is the bonus of traveling the school journey with the same children and families. 

I finished The Goldfinch (Donna Tartt) and howled for hours after the final sentence. I think more than anything it deeply touched the protective maternal nerve; a young boy in the world with too many periods without solid ground... Now I have the Hundred Foot Journey and Dead Europe, two very different stories but set in places I love. 

What are you reading, knitting, collecting.?

Listening to Agnes Obel, Xylouris Ensemble, Lorde, Jenny Thomas and the System.

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