Friday, October 3, 2014

getting our mettle from nettle..

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There's nettle growing wild and untamed in our vege patch and I'm harvesting it gingerly and feeding it to us in various ways - this time as tea I think - I will dry it out tomorrow in the warm spring sun. So good for the blood it is. Tonight I have added some to the minestrone, and previously it has filled up spanakopita and gone into pesto..all you have to do is pick it (with good thick gardening gloves and long sleeves!)and blanch it in boiling water and it is tamed from there on. I love the taste of it and the knowledge that it is so health giving. Like Cavelo Nero. Those dark green leafy gifts from nature that mountain-dwelling Mediterranean peasants have been living off for centuries and living to ripe old ages. 

I was officially back in the Office as of today......

Any nettle recipes to share? Any other weeds I should be looking out for?

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