Saturday, August 10, 2013

knittin', diggin' and stewin'

Big Honey under instruction from Ilias in the ancient art of tomato bed construction. Every year now Ilias gives us seedlings from his whopper tomato seeds and we eagerly await their magnificence to eat fresh, make sauce and  chutney, and this year perhaps I will sun- dry some.  Our broccoli is shooting and really that is all we have in the garden right now. we have been too busy for a winter crop. This spring we will get more food in the garden, buy more hens, pray for enough rain over the summer that the bees have plenty for honey for themselves and us, and plant lots of flowers - Cosmos, Calendular, Sunflowers, Poppies...........I've decided to 'renovate' the old kitchen in our bungalow; clean and paint and make it art and music studio-worthy. This is my last full time semester at Uni, after which I will go forth and Do My Thing; perform, teach singing, arrange a whole bunch of songs, paint. I have been working from the lounge room which is cosy but high traffic.A lady needs a studio as much as a man needs his shed. Oh yeah.

Dovetail Cowl, Raveled here. Ready to be dyed a warm red I think.

I've been trying all kinds of stews; beans, lentils, fish, chicken...this one was lamb and pearl barley, orange rind, capsicum, cumin, mint....delicious. I love a one pot meal and I love the warm hearty goodness of stews and casseroles. What's your favourite stew?

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