Sunday, August 18, 2013

Avert your eyes my vego friends.

 We get to do the most fantastic things with our neighbours. Sausage making this week..I missed the main lesson, but came in time for the tyeing off. These lovely folk on our street, Mediterraneans, go around to each others' houses over a series of days and help each other make things. Like the village in the old days. We've been invited for coffee. Sometimes we pinch ourselves that we landed here. What will happen when these dear folk have gone? Maybe Big Honey and I can carry on some of that good stuff. Maybe one day 30/ 40 years from now, some 40 something couple will glue themselves to us and find us soulful company, full of invaluable skills for survival! That would be nice.

Saturday morning ritual that is is very parent-friendly...We don't have little children anymore. They can make themselves snacks, help out around the house, crack jokes, understand sarcasm, play instruments, make stuff, hold wonderful conversations, play cool games, read books, write, present a valid case....They are such delightful company. 

And just who are these progressively backward looking ladies? They knit together yes, but they also sing. Mountain songs. Stay tuned. Website in the making......

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