Thursday, February 21, 2013

things a-brewin'

The garden is dry, like everyone's garden. We still have plenty of fat red tomatoes to pick, and our first harvest of small fuji apples, but everything else has finished. Time to start digging and clearing and sorting and making room for autumn.
I go back to Uni on Monday so let's see how much blogging gets done! I'm looking forward to it. There's music galore all of a sudden! Appalachian mountain songs with Em and Jo (a band name to come) and a Hawaiian jazz trio. as soon as we have some recordings I will post links. Vocal harmonies being the focus of both trios, I am in heaven. It's my favourite thing. Three is really the magic number it seems.
I just joined Ravelry. I am part of a primary school community of insatiable knitters and this will be the Winter of My Casting On. I've only ever made scarves. Now I have a little list of projects to start on, and a knitting group of lovely ladies to frequent.
Knittin' and sangin' - oh my stars Delilah - what a joy.

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  1. Aah, singin, knittin, sure is good, ain't it!