Tuesday, February 26, 2013

summer closing

I's not often we venture out to such events with the rest of Melbourne but we headed in for White Night and roamed about the car/ tram free streets admiring our city, all lit up in the balmy evening. Fed Square was particularly lovely - at night time it feels other-worldly.

Finished another book, savouring every quiet moment of immersion in case it's my last read for a while....

Back at Uni; I'm taking my private singing lessons with a wonderful South Indian woman who I know will stretch me beyond my comfort zone. I've always wanted to learn Classical Indian singing so this is my little window of opportunity.

How was that rain last night/ this morning!!!? From whence did all that water come? So very welcome it was. Soothing balm for our dry, dusty souls. I'm excited about Autumn like a child anticipating Christmas. Winter too. I look forward to rugging up; hunkering down; stews and soup; wrapped in a blanket reading in bed with a cup of tea...
But first, glorious Autumn - bring me your rusty tones, your consistency, your mild, clear days and cool nights.


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