Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Goodbye Old Friend



Here is my sweet pooch Flash, in his prime some years ago, when I imagined he would be with me forever. And so it has seemed as he forged ahead on his 19 and a half year adventure. Three weeks ago I had to make the decision to send him on his way, realizing that in the last few months I've kept him going more for myself than his own comfort. It was the hardest thing I've done and so sad to say goodbye - what a wonderful friend he has been. He's traveled the country on trains, planes, boats and automobiles; dined on the finest road kill between here and Perth; he has gotten me into trouble with housemates, shop keepers, goat farmers and random pedestrians; he's humped everything from woolly jumpers to outraged kelpies; he has fallen in and out of love; moved house too many times and hardly ever done what he was told; he has protected fiercely and loved devotedly. Some part of his white shaggy body is present in pretty much every photo from 1997 to last month. Happy journeys Flashy boy.

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