Sunday, November 29, 2015

November closing

I've quite lost my blogging stride, unsteady as it generally has been anyway. I still feel like I need a focus in order to keep this up regularly.I am keeping you alive dear blog that I have had for 8 years, in the hope that inspiration may come.

For now, here is a glimpse of November as it fades slowly into December. Our garden continues to delight us, and feed us - the animals and plants we have gathered here. I am about to go out and plant basil among the tomato plants. The sun is shining on this beautiful mild spring day. 

Bread baking is such a lovely routine now - haven't bought bread for months now, except the odd pack of Lebanese bread which we love as pizza base. What gift Mara gave me upon leaving Melbourne - the bread making bug and a fool-proof recipe.

My studio is a lovely, cosy place to teach from. I love being in there, especially on a sunny day. It could do with insulating - very hot on a summer's day and very chilly in winter - easier to warm than cool, but a perfect space otherwise.

The socks finally came off the needles - my word they took some learning! I can't wait to knit the other patterns in the book - and discover the secret to knitting two at the same time! I'm on a Milo vest now for a friend's daughter. 

The photos of my wee laddie's room are just because it was sun filled and colourful and as I often do when he is at his Dad's house, I found myself tidying and picking up his trinkets and thinking of his beautiful self and the things he loves; just hanging out in his space to absorb a little of him in absentia. And yes I have now and then stuffed my face into his pillow for a whiff of him but don't tell him - he'll probably say "Mum....that's embarrassing geez".


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