Monday, March 2, 2015

March - Sweet Autumn

Sweet Pears from our tree on the first day of Autumn - those few that were left by the birds. Maybe some nets next year. They are too delicious.

A tradition has begun with Jenny and I and various others at times, of meeting in lovely sunny cafes to tale care of boring business admin. Emails, website updates, grant applications, invoicing, chai, toast, knitting and a good laugh.

 Often on the weekend, usually Sundays, when the weather is fine (and even sometimes when it is not) we head off to somewhere, bushy, along a river or creek, where animals can be spied in bushes, rapids, trees, between rocks (this time around one fat eel, many lizards and three teenagers); where bird calls can be polished, branches can be whittled, snacks can be shared under trees, heads can be dunked in cold water holes, naps between explorations can be taken and in cooler weather - fires can be made.

These were the outings of our respective youths, with our families in WA and SA - different bushland, different rivers, but the same idea entirely - to get out of the suburbs, away from screens, phones (except to take some photos!), to walk on soft ground, sit together quietly and rest our eyes on green.

Disclaimer: No children were submerged during the lead up to this blog entry 

The evidence of all that beautiful last minute summer rain all about. 

Happy Autumn lovely people (or spring as your latitude may determine)

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