Monday, January 12, 2015


 I did a stock take this afternoon to see on paper, what is coming out of our garden, and the list is excitingly long for our suburban backyard.. I then made another list of what more we could add to our food supply. Oh that we had the space for a goat, a cow, or one or two sheep, for milk, wool...maybe one day!

Every day we come into the house with even just the smallest handful of food from the garden, some of it coming from our Greek neighbour up the road with whom we spend many hours gardening, talking, swapping veges and learning tips of the old farming trade.
And then dinner like tonight's affair can be made up of 80% garden produce. This is a salmon and quinoa salad (they are the only two things I didn't get from the garden, oh and the avocado - that's on the new list!)) that Abuelo and I eat religiously very summer. An egg on top is the piece de la resistance, very softly boiled...and you can put just about anything in it. Goat's cheese is a bit spectacular I must say. 

Say, I need a good book to read. What do you recommend?

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