Saturday, September 6, 2014

5 years and father's day

 Me and Martino, 5 years ago. 5 years together today. It has been a very eventful time. 
We hit the ground running as a new blended family, with many relationships to manage, and a shared life to set in motion. We 
have proven to be a 
sensational partnership and I rather love the idea of getting old with this gorgeous man.

Cute op-shop find. I have always had a vision of a gingham covered table under an olive tree with a view of the mountains.....getting closer...

 Lot of orange and yellow in and of the garden....

Spring chalkboard drawing; about the only art work I manage to produce these days, so a joy to render before the wee ones return home.

Spring activities abounding, many of them involving palettes of which we have plenty and for which Martino can always find many uses; right now, a palatial hutch and run for the bunnies to come. 

Most of our bees have moved to new digs out of the city but those that are still here have 
taken to me of late - I think it's my shampoo - stung on the face today and now resembling Marlon Brando!

Happy Father's Day all you Good Men out there!

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