Sunday, September 15, 2013

spring planting

We sprouted lots of flower seedlings - Calendular, Cosmos and Sunflowers, red and yellow - our favourite garden flowers. This morning the sun inspired us to plant.

Calendular around the apple tree. I'm making calendular oil for our skin and drying petals for tea.

The echium about to bloom - we planted it for the bees - all the flowers are for the bees - our spring gift to them for all their hard work....

We have to implement a snail plan for the sunflowers. They love those little seedlings so we must cover them each night. 

The top bar hive is in action again. A new swarm collected by Big Honey last night (on the bicycle no less - our car gave up on us on Friday!) I very much wish to make Big Honey a bee suit for such ventures.....

The two new swarms seem to have settled. They will love their sunflower forest and perhaps this year, we will be able to take some honey. There was none for us last summer. We always leave honey for the bees, but they hardly had enough for themselves, so dry a season it was! 

We have been eating our salami - it is so good! Next year we will make much more, and prosciutto too. Nitrate free

Soon we will plant the legendary tomatoes we inherit from Illias, and cucumbers, greens, beans, basil, peppers, and passion fruit for the children! I would love to have an avocado tree, oranges, lemons, grapes....gradually.

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