Saturday, June 1, 2013

winding up

It occured to me last night at our end of semester concert that I don't talk much about Uni, nor do I post photos of that part of my life, of which it takes up a good portion. I'm one semester and two subjects shy of my degree and I have learned so much. So many songs, in so many languages, new rhythms, ragas, techniques, forms, traditions. And I've done that with wonderful people; some half my age. All delightful. We've learned so much from each other. Parenting and studying, especially something as potentially time consuming as music has been a huge challenge. I now and then imagine what I would have achieved had I done my Music degree 10 years ago - pre- mama days, and then sensibly I take stock of what I have achieved with limited time. I feel so fortunate that I get to make music every day and that I'm supported by my family. I've found my musical community and that make me very happy.

This weekend, Big Honey and I back to back at our computers. Stocked with all we need to survive end of semester reports, essays, chart writing, exam preparation. I'm 979 words into a 3000 word essay. I'd better get cracking. It's due tomorrow!May your gardens be shimmering with the drenching they have received. May you be warm and cosy and enjoying this Sunday.

Listening to Nitin Sawhney, Queen, Teresa Christina, Anouar Brahem.

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