Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Saturday

It was a Good Day; an early drive out to our friend's new property with her beloved bees who hummed in the car behind us all the way - grumpy and very happy to be released into their new foraging territory. We feasted and then drove on to more friends for more tea and the appreciation of a pregnant belly that is so delightful I didn't even to think to take photos!
After that we embarked on a mission for Big Honey's college project - to find an old quarry whose granite has been used to create some famous monuments in the city. It was like discovering Atlantis and the further we walked into the bush the more magnificent the Reveal. It was a bit bit spooky to be honest - not knowing if we should be there at all but being ever so respectful and reverent of its solitude and history we circled about enormous blocks, beautiful trees, huge granite walls, a wonderful old shed, a beautiful house, and an olive grove. It was a fine adventure.

The day was topped off next to this - a beer and good meat for two weary bods who had eaten mostly biscuits and cake all day...I hope you are having a cosy, fun, safe Easter weekend with just the right amount of chocolate..

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  1. ooh, am loving your spooky photos, Ms Rustica. They are so silent.....