Saturday, November 3, 2012

hand-made christmas

This year I want to hand make as many gifts as I can and encourage the kids to do the same for each other. like many of you I'm sure, I dislike (note restrained wording) the consumer frenzy that is Christmas shopping and I've started a list of things to make and one or two things to purchase on line that go with them. I'd love to hear ideas from you too - how do you circumvent the superficiality of a commercial Christmas and make it meaningful for your family?

So here's what I'm planning to make with some of the images that have given me ideas.

Felt pencil rolls (for Lyra Ferber Pencils that Beau has requested) 

  (photo and great tutorial courtesy of My Poppet)

Handmade Colouring books - I'm going to photocopy some of my line drawings and add drawings of photos from the kids lives and make a nice cover. This way I can use recycled paper.

Cahier de coloriage
Inspiring image courtesy of 
La Marelle Editions  and artist Lauranne Quentric
 Japanese style door hangings (Norens)
I like the idea of sewing applique pictures on the panels. My friends have these hanging in all their bedroom doors. They look beautiful and give privacy without blocking light. 

Image courtesy of Kimokame

Hand - covered 2013 Dairies

 Rebound Diary image courtesy of Nation State

This year I bought a simple notebook that I liked and just hand wrote the dates in and stuck in some art work - laborious but also a good meditation!
I've also covered books in fabric which is fun too. Just need a glue stick.

I'm thinking of making Beau a swimming bag too.

Last year I made Short Breads and chocolates and preserved lemons. 

Here are some Handmade Stocking filler ideas from Pinterest.

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  1. What wonderful ideas Kirti! And thanks for the extra boot to start thinking along similar lines...I have always handmade a portion of the children's Christmas pressies, and compliment with a well thought out and quality bought gift, like a musical instrument or hand carved toy, plus the mandatory Steiner-ish (like Elsa Beskow or anything published by Floris) picture book (which hilariously and weirdly, Mr P calls the wooden books, though they aren't made of wood at all...)
    Last year I knitted items of clothing, though knitting to a Christmas deadline (or sewing for that matter) can be stressful...Cloth exercise book covers which can be put onto new exercise books or sketchbooks when the old one is full up are also a great idea I am aspiring to this year.